Minerality – The Great Debate

“Wet stone. Matchstick. Vibrancy. Slate. Exclusively textural. Alcohol sensitive. Schist. Possibly the only true measure of greatness in wine.”

The popular definitions for the term ‘minerality’ are many and varied. It is a term that means different things to different people – winemakers and critics included. Inherently personal, inherently nebulous.

But where does the term ‘minerality’ come from?Wet stones

Most wine professionals old enough to remember and/or care, agree that the term ‘minerality’ didn’t exist as part of the wine tasting lexicon until the 1980s.

I believe it’s no coincidence that the birth of the term coincided with the rise of New World wine imports into the UK market. The highly aromatic, fruit-forward wines made by ‘technical’ New World producers were so different from the subdued, earthy Old World wine styles. The trade needed a catchall aromatic descriptor to differentiate between the two, and minerality stepped up to bat for the Old World.… Read more >