Why sherry is the best wine you’ve never tried.

Outside of Spain there seems to be two main camps when it comes to sherry: those who have been scarred by an early life experience of overly sweet alcohol from Grandma’s tumbler, and those who have never heard of it.  Either way it is a tragedy, as sherry remains one of the truly great wines of the world and – like saké – partners wonderfully with food (see my recommendations at the end).

Like many highly prized products true sherry hails exclusively from a small part of the world – in this case, Andalusia, Southern Spain.  Favoured by Christopher Columbus and Shakespeare and with a colourful and tumultuous history, sherry has had its share of time in the limelight over the centuries.  However, it suffered a sharp decline in sales last century in part due to a glut of sweet and cheap products from other countries marketed under the sherry label.  This is not to say genuine sherry producers don’t make sweet wines.  Indeed, the majority of sherry produced today is of the sweet variety.  However, the best sherry is crisp, dry and wonderfully complex.… Read more >

I want it now!

You might have seen or read about The Marshmallow Test – where 3 and 4 year olds are given the choice of eating one marshmallow immediately or waiting for 15 minutes for 2 marshmallows (apparently it’s supposed to … Read more >