For the love of saké

In 2007 I got bitten by the saké bug and ended up a samurai. To put samurai into context: I’m not referring to the noble warriors of medieval Japan, rather an esteemed title given by the Japan Saké Brewers Association to folks who promote saké and Japanese culture.  Saké Samurai.  This honor was the beginning of an incredible pilgrimage into one of the most ancient and culturally significant brewing industries in the world.

As a Saké Samurai (and in cooperation with the International Wine Challenge – one of the biggest wine competitions in the world) I have worked with some of the most passionate (bordering on fanatical) people in the saké world.  Our vision: to put Japanese saké on the global stage.

It’s working.  Saké is one of the most talked about alcoholic beverages in the world right now.  However, it’s still one of the most misunderstood.… Read more >